Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dying Blog

Yes, this blog is dying. As in hanging for dear life on a puny little string that might break anytime. Not sure if anyone visits this poor little dying blog anymore, but what the heck. I'll update for the fun of it.

I'm planning to revamp this blog and give it a more darker colour (maybe). BUT the reason why this layout isn't changed yet is because I don't have photoshop! I deleted my last photoshop. Sad sad, cry cry. Why the stupidity? Don't ask. Long story. I'm thinking of changing the link as well. Kind of old. Yes? No?

A little update on my life. I have shifted from Wawasan 4 to Puchong Hartamas. The house isn't even ready yet. No phone, no TV, internet whacky, anddd.... still new. Yup. Staying with my brother's family since he can't maintain two houses. Goodbye Wawasan 4. *insert sad face here*

I also managed to flunk my driving exam. Lovely, huh? Let's see what happened. I passed the on the road, I passed the hill, the parking... all is perfect except one thing. 3 freaking point turn. No 'kayu' to see but only yellow lines on the floor. Once hit the yellow line, your dreams of having a P license, *poof* gone. Now I have to take it on 5th Feb. Waste of my time. I can't make it! I need to go see him!!! Nooooooo....

Okay so here ends my little crazy rant. Why? Because I'm rushing. I'm at my old house (which is bare of furniture by the way save the computer and piano) and class is like... 20 mins more. Where's my mommy???! I can't walk to class! Uh... gotta go. Need... do... last minute homework.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Year

2008. What should I say? I'm 18 this year, just got a job, finding for more. Deciding on college, decided a course. Taking driving exam on the 22nd. My boyfriend is in National Service. My girlfriend seems to be doing better than me. I'm afraid of what this year would bring me and how it would effect my future but I will go through this. God has a plan, right?

Honestly, I wasn't all that excited when new year came. It just felt like any other normal day. Did you feel the same way too? I spent New Year's Eve "celebrating" with the baby (my niece by the way) and New Year's Day just eating til I can't eat no more.

But really, what's the real reason you celebrate new year? Is it celebrating the time when you survived one year and got into another year? You're still alive, you're still active. Or is it because a new year means you can do new things, have new stuff, probably get into a new life? Or could it be that new year is so commercialised and the hype caught up with you that you decided to just follow the crowd? Is this life, being year after year, just a race? To what? What race are you racing in?

Whatever it may be, even though being a late wish, I wish anyone reading this post the best of reaching your goal. I hope that 2008 brings you not only happiness but also blessings and teachings that will make you grow into a better individual. Remember that whatever you do, don't forget your moral values or the things most important.