Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Busy? Or Not?

I'm setting myself up for a trap. Yup, yup yup. I'm joining way too many things and have way too many assignments coming up. And I also have to serve in church, need to juggle my relationships, need to do shopping, need to perform, best of all, I PROCRASTINATE... what am I doing??!

But the weird thing is, I don't feel anything. At all. It's weird. Hm, you know what? Everything is weird nowadays. Things can happen. For example your best friend having the same complicated relationship problem like you did and with mostly the same situations. Or the time when an athelete gets his head banged by another and need stitches on his head with his piano exams coming up (Oh poor Taugeh =P). Or your lecturer telling you with a serious face that he hasn't seen your Nokia 5300 slide phone before and tries to flip it open then later runs out of the classroom with your phone still in his hands (he gave it back, of course). Yes, Mr. Pelland did that. Be careful of him.

So again, for lack of better things to do, I'm going to break down how my week is like. From Mondays to Fridays, I have classes from 8:30a.m to 2:45p.m. I'm studying Business Leadership, Families, Biology and the compulsory LAN subjects. All subjects are interesting. LAN was surprisingly fun because we get to do dramas, watch a movie, debate and possibly go out for a field trip one day. My classmates this semester are alright but nothing beats having old friends around. Hah! I am pretty disappointed I can't meet up with Adeline much.

As for extra activities, I joined a CIMP dance thingy and am going to perform this 23rd so we're really RUSHING!!! Gosh the president made us memorize half of the dance steps in just one day. Dancing a ridiculously funny cowboy song by Jay Chou. I think the name is 牛仔很忙, The Cowboy is Busy (no, I don't know Chinese, I stole that from YouTube). Hm, after this I'm going for Latin dance every Wed! One group of my ex-classmates went for it and we're like choosing partners. So I'm either partnering up with Izzat or Kyle. Then every Tuesday I have Kenjutsu. I was thinking of joining Frisbee but I figured I still have like 3 more years to go in Sunway so I'll save the rest for future.

I also have big projects coming up that contributes to my percentage and now I'm babbling because I realised I'm kinda disorganized. So I'm going to cut this post short and say goodnight. I have a quiz to study for. Bye bye!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Change

Don't you just love those before and after pictures? I've seen many, many before and after pictures of weight loss, before and after pictures of pimple/acne loss, before and after pictures of hair gain as well as before and after pictures of make overs... but what happened to the before and after pictures of hair styles, especially hair colours? Well, dear readers, I've got them right here.

Introducing, our very own model, Kien (after all, what model uses her own real name?)!!!

Former dark brown hair.

New red highlighted hair packed with vampy grin.

And these are the only SS* pictures that will be shown to you. Stay tuned for MORE SS articles, coming in perhaps 3 months time... or never!

*SS= Self-shot