Saturday, July 24, 2010

Define Decent

You have got a decent guy. Appreciate it.

Hearing these words, I really do thank God and appreciate it. A person who loves you, respects you and tries for you is really something special. We don't run into these kind of people everyday and anytime.

It is so easy to fall in love. One simple flattering word, one meaningful action, sweet sentences and apologies when things go wrong- they all are our love catalysts. And when time goes on a couple constantly struggles to keep the peace, the tolerance and that relationship that started once with a bright spark, or a witty comment, or something more romantic, less romantic. Whichever way, that starting moment would become something meaningful and important for the whole relationship with each other.

Consider yourself lucky and blessed when you get a partner that is decent enough. Though, every relationship is not without their flaws. Partners get to see each other's differences and how many differences you will see depends on how far apart your personality is with your partner. What if the differences are so many that you start to doubt the relationship?

Every plan you plan, every passion you have, you have to carefully construct your words and your thoughts so that the other party understands you- feel you, just because both your view points are total opposites. Sometimes it is amusing; learning something new about your partner. Sometimes, it takes that one big, tiring step. By the end of the day you just want to retire and have a good rest. What if this happens time and time again?

You have got a decent guy. Define your 'decent'. Someone who pays for your meals? Someone who pays for the date? Someone who doesn't cheat, doesn't lie, doesn't take advantage of you? Someone who, in the eyes of many, is a stable person when it comes to relationships? Decent meaning that person takes care of everything physical for you; money, food, caresses, sweet kisses, etc?

What if decent is not enough?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One Month Drag

I have now all the time in the world... well, at least for one month. Holidays had started since July the 12th. I have been doing nothing but wasting my time. Something new has happened in this household; my brother bought a new gaming console. Guess which one is it? ;)

Anyway, I have been downloading games to keep myself "busy" as well. Nothing much to do here. Hoping to go out soon with people I have yet to contact. Everyone's having their classes to attend or stuff to do. Also, I have been working on my little project in the previous post. Inspirations are slowing down, really. I wonder why I only get inspirations when I have something better to do. When I am free and able to open up the draft to write, nothing comes in my head! It is so frustrating!

Oh and before I go, I need to say that I watched Eclipse and... it was not as bad as I expected. In fact, I think I like the director for this movie. Acting was so-so. It was bareable and at least entertaining for me. Makes me want to sit down and read another fantasy romance novel. Mmm!