Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm Still Alive

Wow, it's really been a long time since my last update. I've put off updating for so long because I wanted to finish that Little Girl short story I started. But I had no more inspiration and had given up and since I've pushed updating my life so far off, I've given up blogging. But here I am now, telling you people, I'm still alive. I'm not dead. And I'm never giving up on this blog no matter how boring it becomes =). Also, that story is in the process.

These past few weeks has been interesting. I've argued, I've jumped, I've cried, I've laugh til I could laugh no more. College life is really interesting. The people I met are not the same as the people in high school. Frankly, I thought they were more cool (but I also miss my high school friends a lot! T_T). I could feel though, a distance between different groups, just like high school. But we're all friendly and welcoming to each other, it doesn't take much to settle into a different group and start laughing together. I guess maybe the difference was that everyone spoke English. The only language I understand. There were so many things that happened but it's too long to tell it all here. What I can say is that if you are interested, search for Adeline. She has the main updates of what happened. Her blog link is somewhere around.

Another thing is that I went for community service (is required for my course) and I went to SPCA as well as the zoo to complete my 10 hours. SPCA wasn't what I expected it to be. It was actually better! The dogs and cats looked well kept and the place was considerably clean. There was nothing much to do there though because everything had been taken care off. The lady in charge did make us clean the cages just for the sake of doing something. There were two cages filled with puppies. They look like small little pencil boxes! One of it was sooo cute and started licking my hand non-stop. I could make all of them move for me but my friends couldn't. MUAH HAHAHHAHAHA!

A week later, my friends and I went to the zoo. All we did was clean poop! We had to clean stables and me and a couple of friends got the camels section. The poop wasn't smelly. Really. Well, it had a strong odour, but not as bad as I thought. Oh and they look like oversived coffee beans. So when you're drinking good coffee, think about where that came from =P. Oh and if you noticed my MSN's personal message, it says, "I went to the zoo and got bitten by a camel." It's true. Did I aggrivate it? No. Did I provoke it? No. Was it hurt? Yes. It was bleeding on it's leg. Actually, it's a she. Her name's Ibu. And she's cranky. I just stood by her because a friend was taking a picture and she grabbed me with those gigantic teeth, held on for what seemed like eternity and then let go. The worse part is, her breath stinks. I had to go change into one of my friend's shirt which was also GIGANTIC, or maybe I'm too small. =X I took home a souvenier from the zoo and with no price to pay =) It was a blue black on my arm.

Later on we got a break so we wandered around the zoo. We caught another interesting thing. Tortoises making sweet love! It was a threesome too. Oh man, I didn't know tortoises could sound so... loud. If you stand like 10 feet away, you would actually think it's a lion. Really. ROAR! And when the first male was done, he totally KO-ed. Lay flat on the ground without moving. He did get up later to push the other male off the female though. Poor, poor female. She tried to run away. Tried. She's still a tortoise so she's quite slow =/. I wonder whose eggs she's going to bare. The threesome attracted quite a crowd too! One visitor even took our her video cam to video tape it. Tips from the animal kingdom for night exercise? When the show was done, we walked off to the Big Cats section. We actually planned to catch a white tiger cub with our eyes, but we catched something else with our ears. Lions... mating. Okay, I'm not sure if they are, because we couldn't see them because they were in their cages. But we could hear them and we heard, "ROAR! ROAR! ROAR! PANT! PANT! PANT!" It kinda went on for a few more times. Sounds reeeaally suspicious. What is it now, mating season?!

After our break, we went to feed the animals! Nothing so exciting here. We did get up close and personal with the White Rhinos though. Oh they are so HUGE. Really really huge. And fat. Just a steel gate seperating us with them. My friend touched the male and it seemed that the other two females behind were looking really jealous and were about to charge. Hahaha! Well, they didn't but one did knock on the steel gate a little. Then my friend (Lih Ren =P) got scared and we left the place.

I guess this is it for the really really long update. I've completed my whole 10 hours of community service with an extra 1 hour to spare. I will never ever work another 8 hours straight just doing stable work. Ever. Again. My muscles ache and the clothes smelt of dung. Ew.